Official Class of 74 35-year reunion portrait with IDs
Posted Wednesday, October 14, 2009 12:03 PM


Here’s our attempt to ID everyone (by our count, 61 classmates) in the official class portrait -- by row, front to back, and from left to right:
Front row: Jack Copeland, Rick Crockett, Mary Marsh Jones, Kathy Turner Rizzo.
Second row: Verceena Hopkins Brown, Cynthia Ligenza Henry, Debi Bacon, Tina Barta Cassella, Jane Allen Taylor, Cindy Leonhard Harmon, Ruby Baker Crawford.
Third row: Jason Vance, Cynthia Finch Downey.
Fourth row: Vici Shorter Bice, Greg Engle, Anna Anderson Enter, Pat Hoffman Dannevik, Dennis Marsh.
Fifth row: Larry Tevebaugh, Sharon Seaton Lukachick, Charles Varner, Anita Watt Wilson, Gill Bradley Romano, Rodney Cordt, Edward Alig.
Sixth row: Katy Oliver Colvin, Caleb Rowe, Meg Masterson Pippin, Ken Richards, Terry Hunter.
Seventh row: Steve Rector, Jean Patrie Studwell, Debz Mayeux Buller, Jennie Stephens Williams, Chris Caron, Lloyd Clary, Frank Nash.
Eighth row: Clint Johnson, Toni Porter McLeod, Jane Moore Nitchals, Ken Nitchals, Bob Mossberg, Mike Bower.
Ninth row: John Frishman, Eugene Brown, Lisa Howard/Jackman, Jo Anne Parker, Bob Longino, Lloyd Goodwin.
Tenth row: Doug Bass, Maggie Crowder, Darcia Todd Murrish, Lynn Cade Gambrell, Tony Carnoali, Chuck Dillon.
Back row: Wadell Mathis, Sherry Jaster, Eric Wells, Susan Elling Shlenker, Kenny Howard, Herb Abel.
(You are encouraged to download Jason's photo, which you then can enlarge to see faces better than they display here -- and we promise you, everyone looks "mahveluz!". Here's the link to Jason's photo album containing nearly 200 photos from Saturday's dinner/dance: )
(A few class members attending the reunion were not present for the photo)
(If you’re having trouble matching a name with a face or you see a mistake, shoot a message to Jack Copeland – he foolishly thinks he’s got all this figured out!)