Jean Patrie Studwell

Profile Updated: June 13, 2014
Jean Patrie
Residing In: Weston, CT USA
Spouse/Partner: divorced
Occupation: Realtor
Children: Brooke Marie Studwell 33
David Studwell Jr., 31
Scott J. Studwell, 24
Grand-Dog, 6 years
Yes! Attending Reunion

hello everyone! let's see, since 1974.... when i left "Heavy Leavy" - and after a semester at KCKCJC - i moved to St. Louis with my parents (my dad worked for the Veteran's Administration not the Army - he was a retired Air Force Lifer) and went to another 1.5 years of community college. then, i transferred to the Univ of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism where i got my degree in Dec. 1977. it was a natural degree choice for me after writing for The Patriot during my junior and senior years at LHS. i kept up with Journalism, writing for the community college newspapers and then on to the Columbian at the J-school. after being graduated, i moved East to Connecticut with an guy that i had met in Fort Leavenworth (he was drafted for 2 years). once here, i was a frontpage news reporter/investigative journalist at a regional daily Newspaper for years. after we broke up, i met another guy, married him, had 3 kids, gave up writing professionally for a few years though i did Freelance writing for local newspapers and magazines during that time to make extra money. when the kids were small, i "turned" a real estate deal and made some money so i thought i'd do that part-time instead. well, one thing led to another, and with the contacts i'd made as a news reporter, and the reputation i had built as a honest person, the seque into selling homes and land was a natural. i've been a Realtor now for 25 years and have enjoyed great success - of course, until the Financial Meltdown of 2008-09! as a profession, commission-only Real Estate Agents have been hard-hit by the downturn in the economy and things looked Bleak for Jean Studwell during this past Nuclear Winter. i eeked out a living in Survival Mode over the past year and am happy to report that Things Are Picking Up! now, i have a few $$ to go to my High School reunion!
personally, i'm an avid gardener and if you visit me at Cocktail Hour you'll be forced onto a Garden Tour of my Super Mammoth Elephant Ears and other special plantings. i'm also an Inventive and Delicious Semi-gourmet cook and feed the neighborhood at least once a week.
my 3 kids live nearby: fabulous Brooke Marie, 28, a young marketing exec, bought an 1840 farmhouse nearby (from moi) where she lives with her boyfriend and MY GRAND-DOG that i love so much; David Studwell Jr., 26, a charismatic restauranteur, lives with his girlfrield and my 2 other Grandson Dogs; and Scott Studwell, 19, just this week off to University for his first rites of passage.
sorry, got carried away outside gardening. will finish later. jean

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